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About Varied / Professional ﴾•_•﴿ 利亜奈Unknown Groups :iconanimalsplantsnature: AnimalsPlantsNature
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-Invigorate- by Acerbical -Invigorate- :iconacerbical:Acerbical 5 5
-Love bite-
You left your mark...
I -- the unsuspecting recipient...You found your way to me, intentions of the mind you sought to make alive.
I laid there silently, unaffected, as you perched your body on top of mine... your touch so soft, almost unknown.
You began to explore body and skin until to you a familiar place was found.
The retraction of your skin, the penetration of mine...the pulling apart of flesh to find pleasure... your pleasure.
The exchange of fluids - my lifeline, your deposit...
And so you continued until the climax...until your hunger was satiated.
It was then I felt it, the running sensation, the alarming of neurons to the action of what had happened, by then it was too late.
You left me to find another, the way that is your custom.
You left me nothing but the memory of your mark...
:iconacerbical:Acerbical 7 7
With a loss of action,  a drought forms
from within the mind, body and soul.
Be not to me as dark clouds linger, as it teases--
whilst everything withers away.
Remove far from me, this dry spell.
to flow
Quench my desires,
Drench me in the rains of passion,
Immerse me in your flowing liquid.
Like a child yearning for its mother--
From you, my parched lips yearn a drop of dew.
Become a ravishing stream, upon me.
Allow your waves to precipitate in.
Surround me, mystify my mind.
Allow me to sip you, be consumed by you..with you--
Merge with me, let us share in this ocean and
this drought.
:iconacerbical:Acerbical 7 9
Reading —  the complex cognitive process of decoding you.
In order to construct or derive meaning of us.
Reading —  the acquisition of a language that is you.
Reading —  the complex interaction of text and line,
skin and curves, so soft and smooth, yet delicate and gentle.
Reading — shaping, touching, experiencing, developing, defining, and refining us.
I love reading — you.
:iconacerbical:Acerbical 11 16
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The fortress of my mind captures only air.
Ere I surrender myself to its pressures.  
I must report to the page my conscience,
only the matters of life, death, and love.
To dusk the sun draws nigh, and alone,
To sit in the night watching the cat’s eye.
To humble myself to a lesser as of late.
As of the present do I need it most.
I shun merriment to only welcome scorn .
The presence of my soul must remain truant while in this state.
I confiscate from myself the logic of reason,
Finding myself confined to a thought in mind.
I do not desire simplicity as I do conceit.
For conceit is something I know not of.
I long for such complexity within manipulation.
Having loss my many moments in the depths of one another,
I was destined to find that every  thought had turned  on me in time.
Anguish and anger now making its way to heir the throne —
Flaunting its rank, but I am hardly able to hide a smile.
Alas, I unwind in my sullen seat that occupies such a life in defeat.
:iconhoiyshitttt:HoIyShitttt 8 4
Japanese Cemetery by AlexKuhn Japanese Cemetery :iconalexkuhn:AlexKuhn 66 3


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﴾•_•﴿ 利亜奈
Artist | Professional | Varied

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:smallwave2: by Synfull Hello and welcome!

♠ I was born in the lovely island of Trinidad. I am currently a freelance Graphic designer and progressive Webpage developer who sometimes dabbles in photography and very light java script coding [user.js on deviantART - Personal use].

♠ I've been working the aforementioned fields for a well over Ten years now and I have done a considerable amount of jobs for individuals and local businesses; designing from business cards, letterheads and logos to websites, brochures, product designs, illustrations, forms and other documents/artwork.

For me, this comes in the form of people, music, words, emotions and nature. If you'd like to know more about me or have a random question to ask, please feel free to do so. I only bite on request. I like to think that I'm an approachable person, and am easy to talk with, although I am still quite reserved. Even though it may take some time, I will always reply to a comment left by you. I'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to drop by and say hello.

♠ Truth be told, actual comments on my profile (not a "thank you" for the fave, watch, or llama) always make my day. So tell me about a book you read or movie you saw recently; link me to a YouTube video you enjoy[ed]. Tell me how your day went, or about that really weird dream you had last night. If you see we like or have something in common, mention it! Don't hesitate to talk with me. I'm as friendly as a snake! :devilish: rvmp by Bad-Blood

P.S. I really love coke, coffee and the colour blue. :love: by CookiemagiK

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With love,


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